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Casual Mom Uniform Scalloped Hemlines Easy Daily Wear Options…Mmmm Yeah, we all could use those! And this scalloped hemlines floral top is just that. It turns what would be just a plain tee and jeans to throw on while out with the kids, into a cute piece of interest. YetRead More →

Black Panther Movie, Hit or Miss? So who went to see Marvel Studios’ Black Panther movie this past weekend? Show of hands…I did, I did! And YES, it was ALL that I thought it would be…A HIT! Now don’t worry, NO SPOILERS here…just a fan expressing how awesome I thought theRead More →

We all encounter ‘Rainy Days’ so to speak…you know those days when you just feel a little blue or a little blah. Or days you don’t feel like being bothered and you’re just not your normal chipper self! Well, I’m sharing ways today on how to Naturally Boost Your MoodRead More →

I don’t know about you but I feel like there is just not enough hours in a day! So I’m challenged to become more and more intentional on how I spend my time. Most of my day involves Homeschooling, which I use the Ultimate Homeschool Planner for lesson planning. ButRead More →

Folk Art Restaurant Atlanta Georgia If you didn’t already know, the Hubs and I are huge fans of Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives (Triple D) on the Food Network Channel hosted by Guy Fieri. So when we travel, we check to see if there is a Triple D restaurant in theRead More →

Bell Sleeves…yep they go way back, like Medieval times, then the 70s and now back on trend for 2018! I love this top because once again another versatile piece that I can dress up or down. By pairing with jeans, dressier pants or even a skirt. It can also beRead More →

Day Trips in the Triangle Oh the Place We will Go in the Triangle! Comprised of three (3) cities: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, the triangle is a melting pot of places to visit and explore in North Carolina. So this post is not by all means inclusive of everythingRead More →

Along with all of your other goals for the year, don’t forget one of THE most important ones…Relationship Goals! It’s no secret that great relationships take work, so its great to set goals in this area just as you would for everything else that’s important in your life!   So hereRead More →

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