Handmade Ornament + Artsy Craftsy Linkup

Handmade Ornament + Artsy Craftsy Linkup

Being the artsy craftsy person that I am, I just think handmade gifts are the most special gifts to give and receive! This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend some girl time with my sorority sisters at our annual alumni luncheon. It was so awesome to see them, to chat, to get lots of hugs and share life and laughter with them! As a tradition for this gathering , we have an ornament exchange and this year I decided to hand make an ornament. Using only a few materials, I think the final product was beautiful!

Craft Glue
Craft Jewels or Stones (any shape or color)
Holiday Netted Table Cloth (Cut a 2 ft x 1 ft section)
1 Craft Frosted Ornament


Decide on a design that you would like to place on your ornament. Then layout that design with your jewels/stones on a table or other flat surface. Using craft glue, dab the glue onto the location on the ornament where you want to place the design. Then begin gluing and placing the remaining jewels/stones onto the ornament, as desired. Once the glue has dried, insert the cut table-cloth inside the ornament. This gives a soft color effect. Finish the ornament by tying a bow around the top using the ribbon. And there you have it!



Do you get artsy craftsy around the holidays? Link up some posts of your DIY craft projects!


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  • Gorgeous!

    • Natasha

      Thanks Nicole! It would be cool (if I had the time) to do a whole custom collection of handmade ornaments!