Bantu Knot Out – Week 6 {#SummerHairChallenge}

Bantu Knot Out – Week 6 {#SummerHairChallenge}

So this #SummerHairChallenge has proven itself to be super challenging because I simply have not been dedicating the time needed for my hair. So Weeks 4 & 5 of this challenge were a BUST!! My family and I were in Disney a week ago and I literally did not comb my hair for a few days… I instead put it in a ponytail and wore a hat! The humidity in Orlando was atrocious so after the first day when my hair transformed from a two-strand twist out to a full on afro; I gave up! When I got back the next week, I did go to the salon to get some color and wore my hair in a wash and go…if you follow me on Instagram, you saw the pic and you will notice the color here! Moving on though…I found this “How to Get Perfect Bantu Knot Out Results on Dry Natural Hair” video on YouTube and decided to give it a go…here are the results for Week 6! For products, I used Cantu Twist and Lock Gel and Shea Butter! I like the results but I can definitely tell that it is time for a trim!


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  • Very interesting. I never trust these “try this style on dry hair” methods. I feel like they won’t work, but you’ve inspired me to at least give it a try one of these days. As far as Orlando goes, that where we vacationed. I have a very tight twist out, but it was gone by the time we stepped off the plane and waited for our ride…so I definitely feel you on that! Your hair looks great though. I never see it looking anything other than great…so keep up the good work!

    • Natasha

      Thanks Mionna and I feel you on not trusting alot of the video’s! This hair challenge is really pushing me to ‘TRY’ more things outside of my go-to sew in styles. I’m hoping to build up a good number of styles that I feel comfortable with!

  • Love it! Your hair looks absolutely amazing!