Senegalese/ Invisible Root Twist #SummerHairChallenge + Motion Tress Product Review {Style Post}

Senegalese/ Invisible Root Twist #SummerHairChallenge + Motion Tress Product Review {Style Post}

Summer 2014 is quickly coming to an end…actually the Fall season starts next Monday, September 22nd! So, I’m ending my #SummerHairChallenge with my 1st attempt at Senegalese Twists using Motion Tress Kinky Twist Braid (Color 1B) and Marley Braid (Color 4F30) Hair. This was definitely a labor of love…after a 7 hour installation, I am extremely happy with the way it turned out…although my left hand is swollen and my right forearm is sore from the twisting motion used during the twisting of the hair!

I’ve been eyeing this style for a while and had looked into going to a salon, but you know me…if it is something that I think I can do, it’s hard for me to fork out the money to let someone else do it. I actually bought the hair for the style over a month ago, with the dream of doing it before our family trip to Disney but that never happened. So this weekend, after a failed attempt to get an appointment for a sew-in; I decided to do this style!


For this style, I used this video by Breanna Rutter on Youtube for technique, which is the Senegalese/ Invisible Root Marley Twist Method. I did not do my twist as large as those in the video. I parted my hair in 1-1.5 inch sections and used 3 pieces of the Kinky or Marley Hair versus the 8 pieces she used for this style. I used Black Color 1B for the back and sides of my hair and then used the Marley Color 4F30 for the front of my hair. I really liked the Motion Tress hair that I used especially the Black 1B, it was very soft to the touch and twisted smoothly not leaving a lot of hair sticking out of the twist to have to burn afterward. The 4F30 color which I used since I have highlights in the front of my hair, was a little bit less pliable than the black. It was harder to smooth out during the twisting, so I had to burn it a lot to get the appearance of smoothness.

Overall, I am happy with the results of my 1st attempt at Senegalese Twists! With regards to the hair; I recommend the Motion Tress Kinky Twist hair for this style and not Marley hair. The Marley hair may work better for the jumbo twists. Follow me on Instagram @mylovelyyou to see more styles for these Twists!

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this post and review was not sponsored, but purchased by myself for my own personal use. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer of this product. The opinions expressed in this post are solely my own and I only recommend products that I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

  • OH MY GOODNESS!! Tasha, this looks amazing!! If I still lived in NC, I wouldn’t definitely pay you to do this for me! LOL. I can’t wait to see some of the other styles you do with this hair. I’m just sitting over here supre in love with your hair!!

    • super*! lol

    • Natasha

      Thanks so much Mionna! I was so excited about how it turned out!! Gonna checkout some more Youtube styles to try my hand at!

  • Loving your hair!

    –Me And My Mini Me

    • Natasha

      Thanks so much!! I hope that you are having a marvelous week!

  • Oh this will be great for the fast approaching winnipeg winter. Please check out my blog post on how african women need to define their own standards of beauty
    Did I mention that your hairs Gorg btw

    • Natasha

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, I’m looking forward to redoing this style for winter…btw I enjoyed visiting your blog and I’m now following on Bloglovin’! Take care :)!

  • It looks perfect! So nice x

    • Natasha

      Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!