Swooning Over Maternity Photography

Swooning Over Maternity Photography

Swooning Over Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography. Well I tried having maternity portraits done at a department store when I was pregnant with my daughter over 9 years ago but they were so horribly done that I didn’t even purchase any. The photographer had wrapped me in some white sheet that was not flattering to say the least. Thankfully, I took pics all the time just to document the process so we do have those. Because of that experience, when I was preggers with our son, I didn’t even attempt to have portraits made. Plus, I was working like a slave at work anyway and really didn’t have the time to do it. So NOW expecting our next and MOST LIKELY our LAST child, I am stoked about getting portraits done and SO Swooning over the latest in Maternity Photography. The portraits are so beautiful and GLAM…I want one!

I’m so loving the ‘into the woods’ outdoors look…so that’s what I’m gonna go for this time. In preparation, I’ve been looking up these here maternity gowns for my photo shoot and let’s just say ummm they are expensive! So I will be making my own gown, just ordered my fabric and I am excited…So stay tuned. Did I mention, I’m excited!?

Here are a few pics that I’m loving as inspiration for my shoot via¬†Pinterest!

SwoonMaternity5 SwoonMaternityPost2 SwoonMaternityPost3 SwoonMaternityPost4 SwoonMaternityPost6

Did you have maternity photos made? What was your experience?


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  • These are beautiful…and who would have guessed these gowns were expensive?! I don’t know anything about being pregnant…so, I guess that’s good info to know for the future. Lol. It’s a good think you can make you’re own…and I can’t wait to see the pictures! I’m sure they’ll be great!

  • These are beautiful. I wish I had taken maternity photos with my son, but at the time, I felt anything BUT attractive so I didn’t bother!

  • I absolutely love the look of maternity photos lately! I follow some pretty great maternity photography and clothing brands on Instagram, and their photos are so gorgeous like these!

  • Neely

    Those photos are for sure swoon worthy!

  • Nicole Pharr

    See, I had no intentions of doing maternity photos this go ’round. But, these are beautiful so now I’m second-guessing. Looking forward to seeing yours :)!

  • Beautiful!! We are considering one more baby and I would love to have maternity pics like this!