5 Affirmations for the Nursing Mom

5 Affirmations for the Nursing Mom

5 Affirmations for the Nursing Mom

To the Mom who is exclusively breastfeeding…no formula, no bottle feeding and a baby that refuses the pacifier; one can feel held hostage! For encouragement, here are 5 Affirmations for the Nursing Mom.

Each child is so different. My oldest girl and youngest boy nursed but they also took breast milk from a bottle and used a pacifier with no problem. Our last little…Lord bless my heart; has not liked any kind of bottle (and we’ve tried many) nor will she take a paci. It has been rough at times but thankfully at the 4th month, it is much better since she’s at least sleeping more at night.5 Affirmations for the Nursing Mom

Nursing takes time and commitment and can be down right draining for the Moms that choose to do so. Some Moms also take on dietary restrictions such as dairy and caffeine. I minimized caffeine when I was pregnant then cut it out completely while nursing and I was an avid caffeine drinker. Here are some foods to avoid when breastfeeding. Tough is the word at times when it comes to nursing but it is so worth it and here is some encouragement for you Momma Bears!

5 Affirmations for Nursing Moms  

  1. You are not alone. Women throughout time have been nursing their babies before you were even born and continuing to do so. To be sure, there is another Mom going through what you are going through right now: sleep deprivation, diet restrictions, likes you can’t come up for air but there is #2…
  2. This too will pass. You won’t nurse your baby forever. Also, solid foods may be introduced beginning 4-6 months. So the demand for Mommy’s milk will begin to decrease. For now, consider it the ultimate bonding time…
  3. Remember that your baby is getting the best start. Remember the reason that you are nursing your little one. Benefits for you and your baby are many.
  4. Remember Nursing is such a selfless act. You should give yourself a hug, high five, pat on the back and two snaps. Nursing is such a selfless act and though we do it mainly four our babies. It is a sacrifice and you should be proud for what you are doing.
  5. You can do it! As a woman, you were literally built for this. It is amazing what our bodies can do. So however hard it seems, just know that you got this! From one nursing mom to another… YOU GOT THIS!


  • I’m not a nursing mom but I will be sure to refer back to this post when I am.
    xoxo, Jenny

  • Jessica Hughes

    Love this, so encouraging for nursing moms. It’s easy to get discouraged when nursing!

    • Natasha

      Thanks so much and so true…