3 Things You Need to Enjoy Disney With Baby

3 Things You Need to Enjoy Disney With Baby

3 Things You Need to Enjoy Disney With Baby

3 Things You Need to Enjoy Disney With Baby
This post is all about how to enjoy Disney with Baby and I’m making it a 3 part series so that the posts aren’t too long. I am such a HUGE Disney/Walt Disney World fan. And last year when we went to Disney, I was preggers with our youngest and didn’t know if we’d be able to make it back this year with a baby in tow.  But as I walked around the park; I saw so many moms with their babies and it gave me hope. So we agreed to go with baby and planned it out. It is really about planning and being prepared. So here goes Part I.

Part I. Baby Gear. Beside’s your normal baby essentials, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Stroller Fan – you’ll definitely want a fan to keep baby cool. Baby Stroller Fan with Clip
  • Stroller Rain Cover – there is potential for rain every day in Orlando, so you will need a rain cover to keep baby dry. I love the clear stroller rain covers here… Jogging Stroller Weather Shield or the Universal Stroller Wind Shield .
  • Sun Hat – although you have a stroller, baby still needs a hat to shield them from the sun while you are wearing them or if the sun rays hit a different angle while they’re in the stroller. We got a similar Minnie Mouse Hat at the parks. The sun hat that she had earlier this year 3-6 months seemingly became too small on the trip.
  • Baby Carrier – a carrier is a must. You are not allowed to bring strollers in attractions or rides. We used our Baby Bjorn carrier at the parks. Get yours… BABYBJORN Baby Carrier .

Are you getting excited yet about taking your baby with you to Disney…you should be :)! Stayed tuned tomorrow for Caring for Baby at Disney.

  • Great tips! I’m also a huge Disney World fan and see plenty of parents with baby strollers. It’s definitely possible 🙂

  • Great tips! We will hopefully be there next summer and with 8 years between my children, I need all the tips I can get on keeping the little one happy 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing those tips! I hope to go next year with our two girls. My youngest will be almost 3 but these are great tips for when I have our next.