5 Things That All Dads Should Teach Their Daughters

5 Things That All Dads Should Teach Their Daughters

Dads Should Teach Their Daughters

There is just something special about a Father’s Love toward their daughter. I’ve felt that love all my life from my Dad. It’s been a little over 3 months since my Dad passed away…these feelings and emotions that I have are all so new. Because I’ve never lost a parent, I wasn’t expecting to lose a parent, and losing someone that has ALWAYS been present in your life is beyond tough. A friend from my church had suggested that if I had the opportunity to say something about my Dad at his Homegoing Celebration (funeral), that I should. So I did, I had jotted down a few reflections and things that my Dad had taught me and it sort of started my healing process. So today, I’m sharing Things My Dad Taught Me.

Pictured above, is a photo that I took of my husband and our daughter when she was only a few weeks old…so precious. So as a parent myself, it really helped me to see even more so how much we shape the lives of our children and just the vast important of being a role model for them. My Dad taught me so much but here are 5 things that I feel All Dads should teach their daughters.

5 Things That All Dads Should Teach Their Daughters

  1. To have a strong work ethic. My Dad was an extremely hard worker, often working multiple jobs and when he couldn’t find work in the area, he went to another state to work and sent money home to help support us. I know this contributed to my strong work ethic.
  2. Staying close with Loved Ones. My Dad literally called everyday. This started back when I was in college and that was over 10 + years ago. So you can only imagine the void of not hearing from him now when I’ve been so used to hearing from him. I so cherish all the phone calls…so important to stay close to those you love.
  3. That strong men do cry. Growing up my Dad never cried but as he got older, he showed more emotion. To me, it didn’t make him sensitive but it made him more human.
  4. That a good man provides for his family. As mentioned above, Dad worked when he was able. Ha! To the point where he retired and ended up going back to work only to retire a 2nd time. He enjoyed work but most of all I know he wanted to make sure that his family was taken care of. Even in his final days that was his prayer that he would say aloud. Lord please take care of me and please take care of my family.
  5. That God is still good no matter what. This is a toughie! How can you express that God is still good when you are dying of a terrible disease? Only through the faith and belief in God, in his goodness and in his sovereignty. He taught me THAT during his final weeks and days. Dad continued to praise and thank God, often saying that God has been so good to him.

I’ve literally had this post in queue for a month…it’s been hard to talk about and share but I know it helps the process. I’m glad to finally publish it. I love and Miss my Daddy so much! Continuing to heal from this loss…words can’t really express it. What things has your Dad taught you?

  • So sorry for your loss! May God carry you through this difficult time. I love this list. These are qualities my husband tries to carry out for our three daughters.

  • Nellwyn

    I’m sorry for your loss! It sounds like your dad was a lovely person who taught you some wonderful values.

  • I am so sorry for your loss.I hope that you will ge through it with time.

  • Briana Marie

    I’m sorry for your loss. I wish I had a better relationship with my Dad. My daughter’s are blessed to have such an amazing father in their life and he teaches them so much. Your Dad sounds like he was an amazing Man.

  • Ann

    I’m sorry for you loss. Going thru day to day won’t be easy i know, but remember your dad is inside your heart and watching over you.

  • I’m sorry for your loss and our thoughts are with you in this tough time. Your dad passed on some really important life lessons that would help always.

  • Nisha Syam

    Sorry for your loss. Yes we daughters always Dad’s princess. Really good tips to pass on to next generation!


  • First, sending you an air hug and a prayer as you continue to readjust to the loss of your father. I think these are strong points that everyone should know. We as a culture don’t hear these things enough but it can provide such a solid foundation.

  • LC @ A Life of Authenticity

    Thank you for sharing. Like you I’m a daddy’s girl and my dad taught me the same things yours taught you. I pray that you continue to bask in the memories of your daddy.