Minnie Mouse Theme 1st Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse Theme 1st Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse Theme 1st Birthday Party

Our littlest just turned the BIG 1 and I had gotten so anxious the days leading up her birthday party! I guess being that she is our last of the Smith 6, I wanted her birthday to be special. Although she won’t remember it like I will. So I decided on a Minnie Mouse theme since we are such Disney lovers. My oldest helped to prepare decorations, making mostly all the decor by hand. Let me tell you, they included lots and lots of dots!

Last year I had vowed to make all the kids’ birthday cakes this year starting with baby girl’s birthday. I ended up making 2 cakes. One for guests and one for her to smash. In year’s past, we would order cakes and they never turned out the way I thought they should have, for the price. They were basic cakes with a plastic topper placed on them. Being the sentimental that I am, I knew that making their cakes would mean a lot (to me and hopefully for them as they get older). So here’s the Minnie Theme in images. What fun themes have you used in the past?

Minnie Mouse Theme Minnie Mouse Theme Minnie Mouse Theme Minnie Mouse Theme Minnie Mouse Theme Minnie Mouse Theme Minnie Mouse ThemeMinnie Mouse Theme Minnie Mouse Theme

  • That cake is just adorable and so is Izzy! Perfectly fitting for her on her 1st. You did great with the decor!

  • The cake is just so cute and so is your child. 🙂 I wouldn’t even mind if someone throws me a Disney themed b’day party. 😍 Everything is looking super adorable.


  • Molly Kumar

    OMG, the entire theme is so cute and I love the minnie mouse cupcakes. Hope the kiddo enjoyed to the fullest 🙂

  • Milica Radoncic Ex Momcilovic

    I love this! My son had Mickey Mouse theme 1st Birhtday party! 🙂

  • Ance

    This is great theme for birthday so cute. The cake is amazing everything looks so sweet !

  • M. williams

    This is awesome. My daughter turned three last year and we threw a Minnie Mouse themed party for her as well! She loved it! They are so adorable at this age. I wish I could make a cake a pretty as yours I was too busy running around. Your cake looked fabulous! Happy First birthday to your Mini!

  • Awww this is so adorable! The set up, decorations and cake everything looks so beautiful.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  • Chanelle

    I love the pink color choice you did with the mini mouse theme! This is flippin’ adorable!


  • Lisa Rios

    The Minnie Mouse theme is just beautiful with some gorgeous colors and everything you have used here are quiet adorable. I would love one such Birthday party at home for my kids too and my kids are going to love those Cake & Cupcakes.