Strawberry Short Cake – Semi Homemade

Strawberry Short Cake – Semi Homemade

Strawberry Short Cake

Strawberry Short Cake

I LOVE making Sweets for my SWEETIES! So I made this Strawberry Short Cake and wanted to share it with you for you to make a home. Really simple because it’s semi-homemade! Perfect for when strawberries are in season.

Strawberry Short Cake

What You’ll Need: Box Cake in Vanilla, Fresh Strawberries, Whipped Frosting, Whipped Cream, Granulated Sugar

Instructions: Wash, slice and core strawberries and place in a bowl. Stir in 1/2 cup of granulated sugar and set aside for about an hour. This will bring out all the natural juices of the strawberries. Next, make the vanilla cake according to the instructions on the box for 2-9in cake pans. After the cakes are cooled, cut cakes in half, length wise. You will have 4 round cake layers. In a bowl, mix whipped frosting and whipped cream and set aside for layering.

Strawberry Short Cake

Now begin to layer in pedestal bowl: cake layers, frosting/cream mixture and strawberries. Continue until you have all cake layers in the bowl. You will end by topping the cake with the frosting/cream mixture and strawberries for garnish.
Strawberry Short Cake

As my son says, easy peezy!

  • I love how you layered this like a Trifle! Seriously this is one of my all time favorite desserts! Creamy, fruity, and cake! What more could we want ?

  • Sheri Kaye Hoff

    Scrumptious pictures. It made me want to make some or buy some right away. Yummy.

  • Mari

    I just had strawberry shortcake for my hubbies birthday! I ordered it, but this seems easy enough to make at home. With the weather warming up and strawberries being back in season I’m putting this in my file for later, looks so yummy!

  • Dalba Castrillon

    OK I am making this! Thank you so much for sharing. I love strawberries and cream so what better then to have them together. BTW your pictures are fantastic.

  • Oh my gosh this looks delicious! It reminds me of long Summer days! Definitely got to try making this!


  • Eva Phan

    Oh my gosh, this looks absolutely fantastic! Strawberry Shortcake is one of my favorites. 🙂 If I had any baking ability, I would definitely be making this!


  • I got extra hungry with this photos. That looks delicious! Plus it seems easy to make. I’m definitely creating this recipe this weekend. Thanks!

  • Tescha

    That sure looks heavenly. I also like the fact that the ingredients are easy to find at my local super market. I am def going to try out this recipe

  • Ashlee

    Oh this looks tasty! I’ll be honest, call me crazy but I’m not big on strawberries – but THIS does look good! My husband is a huge strawberry lover though… maybe I’ll have to make this sometimes 🙂