5 Reasons to Join a Homeschool Coop

5 Reasons to Join a Homeschool Coop

5 Reasons to Join a Homeschool Coop

5 Reasons to Join a Homeschool Coop

We are over half way through with our Spring Semester Homeschool Coop Experience. Now just as a recap, we are in our 2nd year of Homeschooling and this is our 1st time participating in a Coop. This one in particular is more like an enrichment program due to the duration and frequency in which we meet. We meet every other week for a few hours, which includes 2 classes and a small snack break for the kids. Although I was apprehensive at first, I decided to go for it. So much so that I’m actually teaching one of the classes. Both the kids and I are really enjoying it. So I’m sharing my 5 Reasons to Join a Homeschool Coop.

  1. Connecting with other homeschool families. I love pulling into the driveway where we meet and walking in seeing so many other families that have made the choice to homeschool their children! It let’s me know that I am not alone on this journey!
  2. Making new Mom Friends. You get to a point when you just don’t ‘feel’ like making new friends. But it is important to not be on an island especially as a Homeschooler. Having new Mom friends, that are Homeschoolers allows you to talk about what you spend most of your time doing which is Homeschooling and spending time with your kids. So it’s great to chat, get tips etc from other Homeschool Moms. I personally love hearing about the ‘why’ others started homeschooling their kids. And I’ve made some super cool new Mom friends at this coop!
  3. Kids experience teachers other than yourself. I am officially Mrs. Mommy! I am the kids sole educator. Although I know they love me to pieces, I know that it is refreshing to them to have someone other than myself as their teacher. They enjoy this interaction at the Coop, as well as at church.
  4. Kids meet new friends. This is another opportunity for the kids to meet new friends. What I’ve found since being apart of this Coop, is that we tend to see some of the same families from our coop when we are out and so it’s cool to ‘know’ them already!
  5. Kids experience classroom setting. I really like this, because it helps the kids interact with kids their age, having to raise their hands, being respectful to others as they are speaking, helps with using their manners, listening, being patient, etc.

Are you apart of a Coop? What has been your experience? I’d love to hear from you!


  • This is great and I hear more and more about families homeschooling their children. It has not been something we have thought much about but I like learning about the benefits and it is something to take into consideration.

  • Ana Ojha

    Great tips! I totally agree with you that it will help moms to network as well as kids to get to know other kids and have fun!

  • Sheila

    My daughter is grown, but I have many family members who homeschool and belong to co-ops. They love the fact they can teach a subject they are strong in and have someone else teach the one they are weak in 🙂 A win-win

  • Patricia Conte

    Great suggestions! My niece & nephew do this for their home-schooled kids! A great way for interaction and experiences!

  • Olubukonla

    I haven’t really thought about homeschooling until reading your post. Not sure i will do it but from your post, it shows a lot of benefits which i think is very useful to know if i decide to do it. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is a great list that you have. Homeschool kids need friends, and their moms are the great way to have them. Moms joining in groups like this is really awesome, for moms and for their kids. 😀

  • Congratulations for exposing and sharing homeschooling benefits and ideas. More parents should follow example. Your approach of homeschooling plus social interaction with other families and kids; It is the perfect balance. Very helpful.

  • Mari

    This is such a neat idea. I’m not familiar with home schooling but this seems like something that is beneficial to both parent and students. I like the idea of giving students a chance to learn from someone else besides their parents. Thanks for shedding some light on this!