3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo + Tips for Your Visit

3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo + Tips for Your Visit

3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo + Tips for Your Visit

We visited the NC Zoo in Asheboro NC as a field trip for our Homeschool. We had a great time, it was our youngest two first visit! So, today, I’m sharing a few tips for your zoo visit and 3 reasons kids love the zoo.

If you don’t live close by a zoo, like us, you have travel time, so pack snacks and drinks for the kids to enjoy during travel. Because the zoo is so big, plan to spend at least half a day (~ 4 hours) there so that you can have plenty of time to look at all the animals and exhibits. Then bring cash. Although parking is free, there’s other things to purchase inside like feeding the giraffes (gasp** yes, this was so amazing – you’ll have to see the video) and an African wind tunnel… the shops/food places take cards.

Here’s 3 Reasons Why All Kids Love the Zoo

  1. The Animals – Of course! Animals are fascinating…3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo
  2. Exploration and Learning – as I mentioned, we’re Homeschoolers, so this was one of our field trips. I love how my oldest was showing and teaching the younger ones things she saw. 3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo 3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo
  3. New Experiences – it was my youngest two first trip to a zoo. Although they have been on a safari at Animal Kingdom, this was a new experience for them, being able to walk around. And having the opportunity to feed the giraffes was amazing!
    3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo3 Reasons Kids Love the Zoo


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  • Derek

    Our kids LOVE the zoo! The excitement on their faces is always amazing, no matter how many time they’ve seen the monkeys or the elephants!

  • Victoria Sharp

    I can’t wait to take my daughter to the zoo this summer. She is always so interested in all the animals.

  • I love taking the kids to the local zoo near Chicago. It is a long day for everyone but they enjoy every moment. My kids go crazy when they see the monkey exhibits!


  • It’s not just the kiddos – I went to an adult only event this weekend at our Columbus Zoo and had a blast 🙂

  • The zoo is one of my daughters favorite places to visit, she loves nature so much 🙂

  • Sharon

    Lovely, simple tips!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

    Kids love zoo till they are small but my teen and tween are no longer interested in it now. But earlier they used to love it . 🙂

  • I love seeing older kids help the younger ones. Moments like that are just so sweet! It sounds like going to the zoo was quite a success for your group.

  • The zoo here in st. louis is particularly special because it is free! As a childcare provider, I am a frequent zoo visitor and notice that the younger kids tend to love the zoo more than the older ones!