Blush the New Black + DIY Simple Choker

Blush the New Black + DIY Simple Choker

Blush the New Black

My goodness Blush the new Black! And I’m loving how this color looks against my skin! So as you may have noticed, I’ve been grabbing a lot of items in this color lately! Since the Hubs and I had another dance lesson, I put together this look for the occasion. The sleeves on this Blush Dress are so romantic and sweet…perfect for a date look. I also added a DIY Choker. I’ll give you the deets below. What’s been your go to color lately? Blush the New Black Now this DIY choker is as simple as it gets. You only need Craft Leather and a pair of scissors. Just unroll the leather off the roll to the desired length you would like for your choker to be. Then cut it with scissors. For this easy look, I simply just wrapped the leather around my neck twice and tied it in front. Of course being careful to give myself plenty of room, as to not ‘choke’ myself! This is pretty cool though, because you can easily add little adornments to this such as a gemstone or tassels. Maybe I’ll do a quick tutorial later… Blush the New Black Blush the New Black Blush the New Black Blush the New Black Blush the New Black Blush the New Black

Get the Look

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  • Wow this is a super cute idea. I love the blush colored outfit. You look great 🙂

  • Astral PlaneJane

    Great Post! I can totally agree..Blush is thee most prettiest color! Especially on Black Queens like yourself 🙂

  • You look so pretty in this! I really like the colors. That choker is amazing too!

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    You look pretty. The hair colour, curls, choker and yes footwear.. I loved every bit of it!

  • Paulo Victor Makalinao

    Love the pair of jeans. Absolutely awesome! As for the choker, making it yourself is a stellar idea! Totally digging your hair too!

    Paulo Paradox |

  • These colours are so gorgeous, you look fabulous! I love the idea of making your own choker as they’re so simple that you don’t need to spend a lot on them.

  • Coffee Au Chocolat

    You’re so creative and resourceful. Your choker is a stand out.

  • Yes I love blush this season. Sure a great color!

  • Chandresh Jain

    Great Clicks .. Very Much covers the happiness on your face

  • I love the blush pink top .It’s such a pretty colour .The choker would need a little care though .It’s looks very cool.

  • Cindy Nicoletti

    Love the blush color shirt looks really pretty matches nice with the pants