Jedi Training Experience – Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Jedi Training Experience – Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

The Force is Really with you at the Jedi Training Experience at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. Get ready to face the Dark Side!

Jedi Training Experience

During the Jedi Training, the participants (kids between 4 and 12 years old), get the opportunity to train to be a Jedi then use their skills to fight against Darth Vader and his sister! This is an experience the kids will not forget, at least until the next time, lol!

Jedi Training Experience

One of my sorority sisters was one of the actual Disney cast members at the Jedi Training during our 2nd trip to Disney a few years back and she urged me to sign the kids up. But the kids were a tad younger and were not interested. But this year I knew that they were ready since they are all into Star Wars now!

So the Super Important thing to know about Jedi Training is that you MUST register in advance. And if you want first dibs on time preference, you’ll want to sign up before the park even opens plus it’s first come first serve and space is limited!

Jedi Training Experience

For starters, you must register by the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and you will see the sign for it. All the participants must be present. You will get a ticket with your time slot and the time in which you need to be there prior to the show, which for us was 1:40p for the 2:10p show.

The cast members advised that the kids should begin drinking water even hours before the show because of the heat during the show. It lasts for only 20 minutes but you are prepping and waiting for about 20 minutes as well.

The show itself is quite exciting as you watch the kids get trained and then Darth Vader and his sister appear. The Jedi trainees then help defeat the dark side with ‘The Force”! It is awesome!

Jedi Training Experience

Highlights of Jedi Training: Getting to wear official Jedi robes, fighting with official Lightsabers and of course fighting against Darth Vader! I ordered Star Wars Hooded Jedi Robes for the kids prior to our trip, not knowing that they provide them for the show. But they served as a fun souvenir for the kids…at the end of the day, they wanted to sleep in them, lol!

Jedi Training Experience Jedi Training Experience Jedi Training Experience

Do you think your kids would enjoy this experience?

**All Photos were taken by me and are the property of Natasha N Smith Photography. Please contact me if you would like to use one.**

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  • We love Disney and we are so excited to go there this Sunday. LOve your pics! 😀

  • My daughter was able to do this twice and LOVED it! She’s all about Star Wars. I actually bought her her own robe after the first time because she loved the one she got so much.

  • Ania Ewelina

    WOAH this is so much fun. I was never a Star Wars fan growing up or now, but I would have loved this as a kid. Your little one looks like he’s having an absolute blast!

  • Ola Broom

    Great photos! Disney really has a lot of interactive attractions for the older kids. That’s great.

  • What a fun training for a Star Wars fan! I love how Disney has a lot of these interactive experiences for kids. I will have to send this to my friend cause I think she would want to take her kids there! Thanks for sharing!

  • David Elliott

    I know that my daughter has done something similar at Disneyland, but if we can make it out to Disney world in the near future, she would love this for sure. She loves doing the Jedi training out here in California.

  • Erin Creeks

    Wow! What a fun experience for the kids. I went to Disney when I was 8 and there was nothing like this at the time, but I’ve been seeing on blogs and IG that they have sooo much more to offer now. Just as long as the parent realize that the kids are definitely going to be practicing Jedi sword play when they get home forever, this is definitely worth it . LOL!

  • oh my Gosh My Husband would love this even today! He’s a big Star Wars fan! This looks like such a great experience for the Kids!

  • Ana Ojha

    Oh yes! My nephew loved his Jedi training on our last visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studio! I wish they would give training to adults too…lol!

  • wow!This sounds really exciting.A great experience for kids.Sure they all had fun and exciting day!