Tips Making Glasses Shopping Fun for Back to School

Tips Making Glasses Shopping Fun for Back to School

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Tips Making Glasses Shopping FunTimes have certainly changed since getting my 1st pair of prescription glasses in 6th grade, and now that our rising 4th grader wears prescription glasses, I definitely want him to know just how cool it is! So I’m sharing tips for making glasses shopping fun for Back to School with JCPenney Optical. Plus, your chance to WIN some eye catching prizes, so keep reading!

Tips Making Glasses Shopping Fun

As I mentioned, times have changed. I remember shopping with my parents for my glasses and not really having that many options when it came to style. It was already an awkward time, starting middle school and all so I can honestly say that I wasn’t totally enthused.  Well JCPenney Optical has great designer brands and styles for everyone in the family, including Mom and Dad!  I’m loving my frames…

Tips Making Glasses Shopping Fun

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Tips Making Glasses Shopping Fun
Now my actual shopping experience when I was child consisted of a visit to the Optometrist, an eye exam and the choosing of frames from a very very limited selection. Needless to say, I don’t believe my glasses made it into my school photos that year, Lol.  But shopping for glasses for back to school does not have to be awkward or boring nor nerve wrecking! So here are tips to make shopping for glasses fun for Back to School:

Tips Making Glasses Shopping Fun

  1. Make a day out of it. We love taking our kids on dates. So schedule your shopping trip on a day that you can spend some quality time with your child to do an activity that you enjoy doing together. Something as simple as a trip to the park or to the movies after your visit.
  2. Share a special treat. If you don’t have an entire day to spare, take time before or after your visit to share a special treat. This could be your child’s favorite dessert.
  3. Encourage freedom of expression. During the actual visit, allow your child the freedom to select the frames that they feel most comfortable with, those that best fit their personal style. For younger kids, you could select a fun color! I know for me and so many others, I now wear my glasses as fashion statements. So it’s awesome that JCPenney Optical offers stylish brands for adults like Armani Exchange, DKNY, Liz Claiborne. And OP and Converse for Kids like these in this cool camo…

Tips Making Glasses Shopping Fun

These tips are going to make your shopping for glasses for back to school fun for you and your child. Now as I mentioned above, here’s your chance to WIN! Enter the JCPenney Optical Back to School Photo Contest for a chance to win awesome prizes here…consider it your back to school gift!

Tips Making Glasses Shopping Fun

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  • These sound like some great tips for making glasses shopping fun, I have to admit I stuck with the same frames for many years as I hated trying to fit the perfect fitting and looking pair.

  • I always loved shopping for new glasses each year when I was kid. You offer some great tips for making the experience fun.

  • tara pittman

    He made a great choice in glasses. I just love the color

  • Just took my son shopping for glasses & I was amazed by the choices available today … so it was a lot of fun, except for 2 extra trips back to the store.

  • These glasses look so cool! I and my kids aren’t using glasses but I’ll remember these tips when we need one!

  • Claudia Krusch

    I need a new pair of glasses soon. I will have to check out JCPenney Optical for my new frames.

  • My kids do not need glasses…not just yet. I’m sure they will given that their dad and I have had to wear glasses. These are great tips and will definitely add this to our list when the need arises.

  • Annette Yedlin

    Finding the right glasses to fit personality is so much fun! I love shopping for new glasses for myself, thank goodness my kids haven’t needed them just yet. I will surely be sharing the giveaway too!!!

  • Great tips! Kids love to have some freedom of choice and how fun to nake a day of it!

  • Love these! This reminds me of when I was a kid (10-11) and I needed glasses. Back then we didn’t have online shopping and cool frames. I had these really horrid and huge pink glasses that I did not like lol

  • WhispersInspire

    My daughter loves eyeglasses shopping every couple years. She loves her RayBans, I will have to check this place out for her next.

  • Claire Santiago

    Those are stylish eyeglasses for kids. I love those unique frames and the shape. My daughter who has astigmatism would surely love shopping for glasses if she saw those products. (Gee Villaruz)

  • zengrrl

    That’s a great price! And I second encouraging individuality when picking them out. If they’re wearing a pair that reflects their personality, they’ll be more likely to wear them.

  • Different color preferences usually works best for kids. They dig it especially replaceable frames. Of course, aside from proper lense features.