Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

As a Homeschooler, learning for our kids now starts as soon as baby is born Lol! But seriously, it is my goal that baby is exposed to and afforded every opportunity to learn and explore… And Lamaze Toys is helping me do just that! So I’m sharing play and learning with Lamaze Toys.

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

Homeschooling multiple ages calls for lots of planning. It’s important to me that each child receives the tools that they need to be successful. So Homeschool planning also includes a plan for my littlest, our baby girl who is moving into toddlerhood.

So what does a Homeschool Day look like for baby? Well there’s Breakfast, Bible Lesson, Phonics, Mid-Morning Snack, Playtime, Lunch, Playtime, Naptime, Snack time, and Playtime…Yep, this is going on while the other kiddos are doing their work. Breakfast and Bible time are done together.

So each play time for baby may or may not consist of the same type activities. It all depends on what baby wants to do during that particular time. But one thing is for sure, the toys that she is allowed to play with are those that foster learning and exploration. That is why I love Lamaze Toys and their mission because it aligns with my goals for my little.

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

Lamaze Toys are from birth to 24 months, created in conjunction with child development experts, they inspire healthy play and learning. They encourage baby to grow and develop through features that promote together time between parent and baby and activities that encourage baby to explore and learn independently. The high quality, bright colors, friendly faces, crinkly fabrics and contrasting patterns of Lamaze toys have made them a favorite of parents, babies and experts for more than two decades. In other words they are “Baby Loved, Science Proven.”, there slogan!

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

Baby loves the bright eye catching colors of Lamaze Toys…

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

She was drawn to the toys at first sight…Lamaze Octotunes is her favorite!

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

All of the Lamaze Toys are great for any baby gifting occasion whether for a baby shower, birthday or Christmas gift. You can get Octotunes now at a discount using code 20Octotunes.

Now, I know you are just itching for more information on these awesome toys. So here goes a brief description of each of the toys that we have and love!

Lamaze Ocotunes

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

An award-winning classic toy, the musical Lamaze Octotunes features a full octave of notes that allow mom and baby to make merry music together. Eight colorful tentacles are composed of different textures and patterns, and when squeezed, a different musical note can be heard from each. Young infants will love the bright colors and big friendly face, and older babies will enjoy exploring and learning that each tentacle plays a different sound when they grab and squeeze them.

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys


  • Large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus on a single object, supporting healthy eye development
  • Eight floppy legs encourage pulling, squeezing, and hugging–strengthening muscles
  • Each of the eight tentacles plays a different note when squeezed

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

And from now through August 26, enjoy an exclusive discount when you purchase Octotunes on Amazon! Promo Code: 20OCTOTUNE

Lamaze Repeat Petey

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

So I’m cleaning the kitchen and all I hear is “Aaa”, “Aaa”… baby is saying letters and sounds as Repeat Petey is repeating them back to her. It was soooo adorable! And just a fun way for baby to learn!

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

Baby will enjoy never-ending fun with Lamaze Repeat Petey. When you speak to Petey, he remembers what you said and repeats it back to you! With interesting textures, contrast patterns, and surprise crinkles, this adorable parrot invites baby to explore, stimulating tactile senses. Baby can discover a squeaker in Petey’s nose and a chime when he’s shaken.

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys


  • Press Petey’s wing to record your voice, then hear it play back immediately
  • Bright, bold colors and patterns invite baby to focus, stimulating vision
  • Soft velour body and multiple textures keep baby engaged, stimulating tactile senses
  • Offers a fun way for baby to develop language skills
  • Encourages baby to think, stimulating cognitive skills
  • Ages 6 months & Up

Lamaze Stacking Starseeker

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

Get ready to blast off with the Lamaze Stacking Starseeker. This colorful plush spaceship separates into 4 segments that baby can use to foster motor skills by stacking up, taking apart and putting back together. The easy-to-grasp plush figure and star-shaped teether encourage put in-and-take-out play, while the bright contrast patterns and surprise crinkles stimulate the senses.

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

• Soft, plush figure and star-shaped teether included
• Encourages put-in-and-take-out play which helps baby develop dexterity and fine motor skills
• Bright, bold colors and patterns invite baby to focus, stimulating vision
• Crinkle & rattle sounds help develop auditory senses
• Multiple textures invite baby to explore, stimulating senses
• Ages: 6 months & up

Play and Learning with Lamaze Toys

Lamaze Toys are specifically designed with every stage of your baby’s development in mind. Make your baby’s playtime healthy with Lamaze Toys, shop Amazon for the latest Lamaze products and again for a limited time, use this exclusive discount code on Amazon to bring Lamaze Octotunes home! Promo Code: 20OCTOTUNES.

Which one would be your baby’s favorite?

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  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    She looks so happy with these bright colorful toys..Seems Lamaze is a budding kids favourite brand!

  • Emily Moon

    What a cutie! I love the bright colors.

  • Helene Choo

    Aw, such a great way for toddlers to learn! She’s adorable, and the toys are really cute too! Thanks for sharing:)

  • David Elliott

    These toys here definitely take me back to when my daughter was a baby. They do look like bright and colorful toys. And it’s so cool that it does voice recordings as well.

  • Anderson

    Thank you for sharing your Lamaze Toys. I have never seen toys before, but they look great and comfy. We have a 1yr and 3yr old so the lamaze might be an option.

  • Afroza Khan

    oh gosh she’s adorable and looks like she’s having so much fun! The toys are very eye catching, I need to get some for my nieces 🙂

  • ThIs toy looks great.Language skills are very important to develop.Your baby is adorable

  • Erin Creeks

    See this is why kids are going to be able to outsmart their parents by age 5. LOL! Kids are so intelligent these days, but there is just so much more research and resources like this toy to stimulate their minds.