Functional Purse, Trendy Mom LookBook

Functional Purse, Trendy Mom LookBook

Functional Purse, Trendy Mom LookBook

For the past couple of years, my wardrobe and accessories have been evolving! I’ve been intentionally trying to add in items that are more functional (since I am a Mom, hello) but not lacking style. I mean, I love a cute clutch, wristlet, arm bag, etc but trying to carry those while carrying a child, a diaper bag and whatever else one may need simply does not work. So I’ve added a functional purse or 2 to my collection like this cross body. I can wear it with baby on one hip and a diaper bag on the other, lol! Plus it’s cute and I am able to have items that I want on my person versus having to shove in the diaper bag.

Cross Body Purses

Functional Purse


Functional Purse


Functional Purse Functional Purse Functional Purse
So, have you found your wardrobe and accessories shift or change after kids? What items are you loving that fit into your Trendy Mom lifestyle?

  • Pam

    I love cross-body bags because they allow you the freedom to use both off your hands. This is very important when you are shopping or out and about with kids. This is a cute bag!

  • Coach purses are classic and cross-body bags are must have pieces. They’re great for dressing up and running around. Ps. LOVE your eye makeup!

  • That is a very cute purse, I love bags and have so many different ones. Always looking for a reason to get a new one. I would get this in wine red if possible.

  • Nina Lewis

    Coach bags are the best. So sleek and stylish and definitely must have accessory. I really like these tips and tricks. As a busy Mom, I need design meets comfortability and practicality.

  • What a pretty purse! I love the pop of color and it looks like it can fit a lot without being bulky

  • Erin Creeks

    I love a good Coach! Those colors on you are simply gorgeous.

  • Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

    I love all of them but the one you are carrying is my favourite as I love pink. Easy to carry and not bulky makes them the best.

  • I love the cross border purses too.They are great for phone keys and a little cash you may urgently need .Good selection.