Own Your Space – Add Modern Map Art

Own Your Space – Add Modern Map Art

Disclosure: I received complimentary map art in exchange for my honest review of the work. The opinions expressed in this article are solely my own. This post contains affiliate links for ease of purchasing. 

When you have a large family (more than 2 kids now a days), it’s hard to own any space in your home. With our littlest at 19 months, she pretty much owns every space in our home…there is literally something of hers just about everywhere in the house. From the pack and play to bouncer to toys, you know the drill.

So I was super excited when I was contact by Modern Map Art! For one, you all know that I am such a Creative at heart and love ALL things artistic. And secondly this was a great opportunity to finally feel a little ownership in a space.

Own Your Space - Modern Map Art

Own Your Space – Add Modern Map Art

The main idea of owning your space is the pulling in of things that are meaningful to you. Things that speak to you in a special way.

So I decided on the Raleigh Map Art and decided to hang it in my homeschool classroom as I’m currently reorganizing it for our school year. And Man, I’m telling you, THIS makes it feel like I OWN this space ;)!

For me, as part of the Wolfpack, this Raleigh Map Art is special. It acts as a nostalgic piece. I can look at it and see where NC State University is and it brings back memories of my college years. It’s cool that the Raleigh Map Art actually comes in three colors: white, black and red as well as different sizes.

Own Your Space - Modern Map Art

Of course, I chose red to represent ‘painting’ the town in RED for the Pack…I Love it! And I received it in the largest size of 24 x 36. So it really makes an impact in the room.

Own Your Space - Modern Map Art

The map art is printed on a heavy quality poster paper with quality ink in a matte finish. I love that it’s not glossy. This map art definitely adds so much to the space.

Any NC State Alumni or Raleigh native should definitely get one. You can purchase yours at Modern Map Art and all shipping is FREE!

I LOVE LOVE mine…can’t wait for my frame to arrive (side note: I still need my degree framed)! But anyhoo, yeah get yours…I know that you’ll love it too and so will your space, so that you can own your space!

Own Your Space - Modern Map Art

So as described by the artist, “This street map features markings of all the roads and major bodies of water all around Raleigh. This décor product features thousands of street lines and several bodies of water both big and small. Look all around to find your favorite landmarks around the city as you follow the highways, waterways and even rail or mass transit system lines. The poster will remind you of the many beautiful things that you will see all around the city.”

Own Your Space - Modern Map Art

And this is true of any of the other cities or states, so if you have a particular sentiment for another city, you should grab one of those or request a custom map for that town. I’m thinking to do Greenville for ECU for the man cave since that’s my Hubs alma mater…

There’s just so many ways to add this into your home decor and own your space! Where would you put yours?

  • Nicole Pharr

    I LOVE this! I really want an office space when we buy our next home. I’d love some art like this.

  • LC @ A Life of Authenticity

    That is such a great idea! That would be a perfect addition to my space. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lavanda Michelle

    I got to do this. It would work prefectly in my space,

  • Andi

    I like your idea and you have a nice piece of art. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ola Broom

    What a cool idea. I’d love to get one of these for my husband’s office.

  • I would totally love to have this .Looks amazing .My hometwon which I miss would be right up on the all.Thanks for this .

  • David Elliott

    That is such a cool looking map that you have here. I really do like the look and design in the different colors. Not sure I have a space for it now, but if I do I would definitely get one.

  • wow that’s really looks good. I’ll try something like this. Thank you for sharing