Bethel Music Tour #Take Part

Bethel Music Tour #Take Part

Bethel Music Tour #Take Part

There is just something magical about a room full of worshippers! And I experienced just that this weekend at the Bethel Music Tour in Raleigh NC.

Bethel Music Tour

So, my Hubs and I had the awesome opportunity of attending with several of our friends from church…we literally took up an entire row! …this pic below credited to my sista friend Kelly!

Bethel Music Tour

But if you are not familiar with Bethel Music. Per their site…Bethel Music is a ministry of Bethel Church that facilitates and administrates the creation and exportation of worship songs, events, teachings, resources and technology. They are one of my FAVEs!

Here is the Set List (via from the Worship Night:

Paul & Hannah McClure, Lindy Conant 

  1. To Our God (Lindy)
  2. King of My Heart (Hannah/Paul)
  3. Forever (Hannah)

Bethel Music TourBethel Music TourBethel Music Tour

Intermission: Sean Feucht, Charged the body of believers to change the world we live in with our worship…To turn Research Triangle into Revelation Triangle! And he invited us all to #TakePart of the movement of worship.

YouTube video

Brian Johnson, Josh Baldwin, Bethany Wohrle

  1. Have It All (Brian/Bethany)
  2. Reckless Love (Bethany + Brian Spontaneous song)
  3. It is Well (Bethany)

Bethel Music Tour Bethel Music Tour Bethel Music TourBethel Music TourBethel Music TourBethel Music Tour

Again, we had such a great night of worship!

Have you attended any cool concerts lately? Who is your favorite band?

  • Sounds like a wonderful time! I used to listen to Christian rock when I was younger and loved it!

  • I might be one of the only people who really isn’t that big of a fan of music, so I would never go to a concert! 😮

  • Christina Bruner Polovich

    What an amazing concert and opportunity to Fellowship amongst believers! I would love to attend a concert like this. My kids got to attend several, but for some reason I never made it. And I completely agree with you, there is something very special about being in a room with that many worshippers!

  • interNATionalcaty

    This had to be an amazing concert. I love contemporary Christian music. It gives me the peace to handle what is going on in today’s world

  • Kelli A

    Looks like a great show and sounds like you had a blast. Love when they have light effects with the show!

  • tara pittman

    I have not attended any concerts lately. This is one that I would enjoy.

  • Claudia Krusch

    This looks like it was a great concert. It has been years since I went to a show. I would love to see Pink live.

  • Krystel Seijo

    Wow, looks like such a fantastic time. I bet the music was great.

  • I love going to concerts. I love music and I get such a feeling of awe and contentment. It looks like that happens to you, too!

  • Cindy Gordon

    They performed some amazing songs. I couldn’t agree more! Love the feeling of a room full of people worshiping.

  • Sheena Tatum

    It sounds like it was an amazing experience. Would have loved to attend! Maybe one day!

  • Looks like such a fun opportunity to get out and enjoy life with your friends! The musicians are not familiar to me, but I should look them up.

  • Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    It looks like you all had a great time! I am sure the music was wonderful.

  • Omg what an amazing music tour. It’s been so long that I’ve attended a concert. Would love to catch a showing of this.

  • Stephanie Pass

    My husband loves going to concerts. It looks like you had a great experience.

  • TColeman

    This looks like it would be a great show. I have not been to a concert of any kind in a while.