Tis the Season, 4 Ways to Give

Tis the Season, 4 Ways to Give

Tis the Season, 4 Ways to Give

Happy December!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year…my most favorite time! Since it is Christmas time and my birthday month, Hooray! Plus we are a little ahead of the eight ball with our Christmas shopping so that also makes me happy. Now you already know that I am a firm believer that it is better to give than it is to receive. So today, I am sharing Tis the Season, 4 Ways to Give! 

Tis the Season, 4 Ways to Give

  1. Donate to a worthy cause. Find an organization or even a person to give to monetarily this season. This could be a well-known organization or someone you know that needs the extra funds like a missionary for instance.
  2. Volunteer in your community. Giving of your time is always a great way to give, as it is just as precious if not more than money. And there are so many ways to volunteer but I think just figuring out where to start is sometimes the hangup. Search your community for food banks and soup kitchens where you can volunteer. Senior communities are also awesome to volunteer at during the holidays…they always love the visits.
  3. Give to the less fortunate. There are so many people who will not even have their basic needs met during this season. Search your community for food and/or coat drives. There is also programs where you can give gifts like the “Angel Tree” hosted by many area churches and businesses or you can search the Salvation Army site for your area.
  4. Treat first responders. Our first responder…Oh, don’t we need to show more love to our first responders (i.e. police officers, fireman, EMS, etc.). I know the holidays can be even tougher for them as many will be away from their families. You can make gift baskets and goodies to drop off to their offices and departments in your area.

Tis the Season, 4 Ways to Give Tis the Season, 4 Ways to Give

These 4 Ways to Give are sure to make the season Brighter for you and for someone else! Tis the Season for giving!

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