10 Things to Do in 2018

10 Things to Do in 2018

Oooo don’t you just love the start of a New Year! It just makes you feel that you can start again and affords another opportunity to try some new or different things. So today I’m sharing 10 Things to Do in 2018. And this year’s list is pretty cost efficient…it won’t even break the bank as much.

10 Things to Do in 2018

10 Things to Do in 2018

  1. Take a Train Ride. Amtrak offers new deals every week and 50% off kid fares year round…sounds like a deal to me.
  2. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon. I just think this is romantic or you could do this with the kids who would love it just as much. Some cities even have a balloon festival.
  3. Go Zip Lining. Fun and thrilling. Plus you can find this activity locally in your area, as many places offer it as team building exercises for businesses.
  4. Go Glamping. OMG, we took our 1st glamping trip and I’ve totally fell in love with the concept.
  5. Take a Cooking Class. Love Italian, take a class on how to make pasta or whatever you love.
  6. Color. You read that correctly, I know you’ve seen all the Coloring Books for Adults . They are said to be really relaxing…I have one already but will be utilizing it more this year!
  7. Paint with Friends. Wine and Design is perfect for this type of thing. We did this with my bestie as part of her bridal activities…so so fun!
  8. Refresh a Room. Tired of those same old curtains or do you have some empty wall space to fill. You can easily refresh a room with new curtains, or adding some wall art or even by painting an accent wall.
  9. Plan a Day Trip. Day trips allow you to get away from the day to day without breaking the bank. A nice trip to the beach is alway a great option.
  10. Run a Race. Not only is running great for your health but you can also run for a great cause. You can search your city for a leisure race or one supporting a cause that you are passionate about.

Want more ideas…take a look at my 2017 list, since they are still relevant :)!

  • Ola Broom

    AS for the hot air balloon ride..nuh uh…couldn’t pay me to do it. LOL! But running a race is something I’ve always wanted to do. If you can believe it, I already managed to complete a room refresh on the 1st of this year! Glad to see it on your list!

  • Tasheena N. Womack

    This is such a great list. I wish I would have went zip lining on my last vacation. It looks like so much fun.

  • Sandra McLemore

    The only thing I haven’t done on this list is an Amtrak trip and now that’s on my list. Next date weekend away we’ll do this!

  • Natalie Martinez

    I love that you included a train ride on your list! I use to love taking trips to nearby cities and states when I lived in New York City. You’re right, you can find great deals on tickets, which makes taking a vacation so much more attainable and affordable for a lot of people.

  • Great ideas, girl! I’ve been wanting to go glamping for a while, and I would LOVE to take a cooking class. 2018 in the year, me thinks! 😉 These are all great things to finally and get out and do. xx

  • Sara Michelle Peters

    What a great list! I’m normally one for making a new year’s resolution, but I love this idea of just making a few goals to do over the course of the year! Hm, I’m putting helicopter ride on mine – I did one years ago but my husband is mortified that he wasn’t with me at the time – something to do together now!


    These are all great ideas, I am actually planning to do a lot of coloring this year. I find coloring very relaxing and calming. cooking class is an awesome idea too, I should look into that!

  • Nicki McLaren

    This is a great list!! Just did the hot air balloon and I love coloring all the time. I find most these so relaxing

  • Amila Wickramarachchi

    This is a great list.I’d love to take a train trip when I am back in Sri Lanka for a holiday.Thanks for reminding me that!

  • I hope you get to do all of these this year! They sound like a lot of fun! :]