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We are gearing up for Back to School which will be starting next month! Now, when school is in, the days can be long and there’s no way that you want to spend a tremendous amount of time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen after school and work. So, I’m sharingRead More →

Yay, I nailed down our Homeschool Curriculum Choices for the upcoming year several weeks ago…more in front of the 8 ball this year! We had an awesome end to our 2016-2017 year with our oldest who was a 5th grader scoring at an 8th grade level overall and in someRead More →

Dots Like Minnie Mouse Dots Like Minnie Mouse…Yes!! After we began planning our Walt Disney World trip for this year, I came across this awesome dress that I knew would be perfect for a Disney themed outfit! After this year, I think I’m going to work on my Disney Capsule Wardrobe, lol! StartingRead More →

Blush the New Black My goodness Blush the new Black! And I’m loving how this color looks against my skin! So as you may have noticed, I’ve been grabbing a lot of items in this color lately! Since the Hubs and I had another dance lesson, I put together this lookRead More →

Summer Worthy Lettuce Wraps Nice, Lite and Yummy, these Summer Worthy Lettuce Wraps are perfect for satisfying your taste buds with a burst of Asian Inspired flavor. I love Asian inspired dishes so when I came across this PF Chang’s Lettuce Wrap copycat recipe, I knew I wanted to try it!Read More →

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